Supercharge your Web3 community

Unified management & analytics to grow, engage, and reward your members.

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A screenshot of the interactive dashboard, including analytics about on-chain and off-chain member activity and growth, new members, and performance

Understand your community

Kazm collects and contextualizes on- and off-chain data to monitor your community’s health, identify what’s working, and reward members driving long-term value. 

A screenshot that shows engagement over time for Web2 and Web3 platforms

Track member identity across platforms

Members can link wallets & accounts to get credit for their contributions.

A screenshot that shows engagement over time for Web2 and Web3 platforms

Grow your community

Crypto-native marketing to reach thousands of potential members with our ML- powered user targeting and smart airdrops model. Identify the audiences and partners most aligned to your project.

An abstraction of a user interface that helps projects find parters or an audience for their airdrop

Reward the right behaviors

Users can claim airdrops, register for access lists, and complete verified onboarding steps. Projects can easily manage airdrops, referral programs, rewards, and engagement with incentivized milestone distributions.  

Screenshots of the steps to qualify for an airdrop, and a dashboard that shows user engagement

Connect the dots

Use machine learning and AI to identify and invest in early adopters most aligned with your project.

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Kazm Explorer - The easiest way to understand web3 projects & wallets | Product Hunt
Screenshots of an NFT Collection and a mobile view of a Wallet Profile